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INDUS Super Star Rich Mangus


INDUS’s strongest assets are our employees. They are professional, dedicated, talented and hard working. They use their talents day in and day out to help support our customers. They are also gifted in many other areas outside of their work.  INDUS recently launched a program called INDUS Super Stars to showcase our employees’ passions in and outside of work since they all are super stars in more than one way. In this article, we feature Richard Mangus.

Rich Mangus is the only employee on-site with the CBP Detroit customer yet he is very connected to his supervisor and Indus. He is professional, customer-focused, and has lots of ideas about what he and Indus can do to help the customers. Though Rich is a technical GIS person who solves the customers' problems, he also offers innovative ways to do things better. He is indeed a Super Star.

Rich has been able to support agency operations, such as, Office of Air and Marine (OAM) operations that include the G8/NATO conference in Chicago IL, the MLB World Series in Detroit MI and recently a joint operation in New London CT. The recent New London operation included ~700 law enforcement officers arresting 112 individuals simultaneously that also had arrests in New York City, Florida and Puerto Rico. Rich created and developed all the GIS data for the OAM operation which also include exporting GIS data for use while inflight.

In a recent customer satisfaction survey, the CBP OIC customer said, "Mr. Mangus brings a wealth of knowledge to the Operational Integration Center. Besides the products he produces, he is a visionary - he shares creative ideas with the team. He is beyond a team player."

Outside of work, Rich enjoys spending time with his family, wife Amy and son Blake. Typically in Michigan they enjoy fishing/boating in the summers and snowboarding during the winters. Congratulations Rich!